Mutual Responsibility

Our Responsibility

  • Obtain recruitment permission from Government of Nepal, Ministry of labour.
  • Advertise the demand in the national news paper to collect the candidates.
  • Conduct interview by the representative of the employer.
  • Obtain passports of the selected candidates with required documents.
  • Stamping of the visa from respective embassy.
  • Obtain immigration clearance from the department of labour.
  • Arrange the ticket and inform to the employer about the flight schedule.
  • Proper briefing of the workers about the social, political, Legal, cultural and environmental aspects of the host country company and jobs.
  • Handover the copy of the employment contract to the candidates.
  • Contact employer to solve any problem of employees which may arise during the period of contract.

Employers Responsibility

The employers are requested to assist the agency by providing with following information:

  • Arrange original Visa at the airport and arrange the reception.
  • Inform the agency of their arrival at the airport.
  • Arrange advance payment to the workers on arrival at the place of work.
  • Arrange furnished accommodation.
  • Timely payment of salary for every month.
  • Keeping updates the validity of the passport, residence permit and employment visa of the workers.
  • Proper medical treatment of the workers in the case of their sickness.
  • Agency should inform if there is any problem from workers.
  • Follow terms of agreement signed between the employer and workers.